Police seize elephant tusks, and croc and cheetah skins



Members of the police in Kavango East Region have confiscated three crocodile skins, six elephant tusks, one cheetah skin and one skin of a honey badger from various suspects.

On Tuesday, two Zambian nationals, a male and a female, were arrested by the police at Kangongo village in Mukwe in Kavango East Region for possession of controlled game products. Four elephant tusks, three crocodile skins, a cheetah and a honey badger skin were found in their possession.

In a separate operation on Wednesday at Sikanduko on the southern outskirts of Rundu, a Namibian man was arrested for possession of two elephant tusks.

“The vehicle they were transporting the tusks in looked suspicious and when the police who were on patrol followed the vehicle, the occupants who were more than two jumped out and ran away. Our members managed to apprehend one, who is in custody now,” revealed the head of police operations in Kavango East, Deputy Commissioner Vilho Kalwenya.

This year alone, 17 suspects were arrested for possession of 24 elephant tusks and among the suspects were an Angolan, one Motswana (Botswana national) and 13 Namibians.

Kalwenya told the media that the arrests were due to the community who worked together with the police.
“Therefore, we really appreciate the public’s cooperation.”

According to Kalwenya, the value of the game products could not be estimated by the police.
The suspects are due to appear in court for illegal possession of controlled game products.


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