Keziah reveals beauty in each and every song



Namibian fans for the first time got the chance to see a stripped-down version of the Nigerian singer-songwriter, Keziah Jones’ introspective acoustic music on two nights, at the Warehouse theatre on Friday, and at Nice Restaurant on Saturday.

Preforming to almost full venue on a laid-back Friday evening, Keziah, wasted no time kicking things off with some of his greatest tunes such as Familiarise, Million Miles From Home and Rhythm is Love showing the beauty in every note of each song he performed. Listening and seeing him singing was a satisfying experience characterised by countless reactions from intense personal meditation to whistling laughter. Not often would you have the pleasure to enjoy an acoustic whereby one person is totally in charge of his guitar, with a voice that enlightens and a style of music that attracts anyone with its familiarity and has the ability to hold you there with its content and feature.

Keziah revealed a vocal style showing the heavy influence of Jimi Hendrix and Fela Kuti but unique. Probably another reason for the trance he seemed to have induced many a revellers, was his musicianship. There is no beautiful sound than an acoustic guitar completed by a startling voice. The opening acts of both shows were the likes of songbird Shishani, and the musical band , Savannah Afros, who never disappointed. Crowned and sealed by the compelling aura of Keziah’s tunes. Listening the first time to his music and attending his shows I could not help but equally be compelled. By the refreshing vibe that all singers presented, she show definitely was worth attending.


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