Jossy Joss resurfaces with album eight years after



One of the Namibian legend singer, record producer, absolute genius, and songwriter, Joseph Tuhafeni Ailonga aka Jossy Joss, has finally broken his silence after eight years, with the release of his fifth album, Deep in my hearts.

According to Jossy, Deep in my heart is about the contentment in his heart. It’s about being proud of where he comes from, whom he has become and about the beauty of happiness. “On this album, I am simply expressing what is in my heart. I had this title for the album for sometime and funny enough, a song came to me that was able to go with the title,” says Jossy. He has been absent from the music industry for the past eight years due to other commitments and different activities he was involved in. “I felt I should give them my attention first before I embark upon an album release,” he says.

Despite few songs on the album, just 11 tracks after eight years, the album is artistic, well designed, soulful and worth listening to. The first song, the album title, Deep in my heart is an epitome of Jossy usual self, lyrical, a work of beautiful, subdued poetry. The delicate blend of beats, piano, strings, and percussion is enough to put you in a trance of sort. This song is very similar in style to his older work (such as Efundula) but so brand new at the same time.
The second song on the album, New Love is a classic love song. A song likely to definitely make you fall in love. The song features Sally although you cannot here her voice clearly, the song is really a masterpiece.

Although the message in Saka Saka, is not clear, this song is sure to put you in the dancing vibe. The words “ Saka…saka…saka” are basically encouraging revelers or listeners to the song to get down on it and dance to it.
Other songs to listen to and enjoy are Born Frees, Edu and Ila Tuye. “This guy sings with so much passion, and he puts his emotions in all the songs. Apart from the fact that his lyrics are too short (or maybe they just seem short because they are too good), the whole album is soothing, it is something you can listen to when you have had a long day or when you simply want to relax,” says Rosalia Shikulo, one of Jossy’s biggest fan.


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