Industry Loop: NFA #Screaming in agony


NFA or whoever is responsible for booking the Dj at national football events, can we kindly develop a sense of pride and play Namibian music before, during breaks and after the games? It really is a no brainer! How do you have the Namibian national football playing but the Dj that you book is playing foreign music?

It is at events of this nature that we should be having music from genres such as Ma/Gaisa(Damara Punch), Soukous and Oviritje dominating the speakers. Foreign teams that want to come humiliate us in our own backyard must know and feel that they are in a different country!

What is the use we play against Bafana Bafana but the Dj is playing Heavy-K, Dj Cleo, Dj Style, AKA and K.O?!!? They will feel at home and thus psychologically would’ve been in a greater space of mind to take on our boys! Yes??!! No! That is not what we want! Ever heard of the terms “Home” and “Away”?

The whole point is to demonstrate our Namibian way of life to foreign teams who come to battle us. They should find our way of life intimidating and fierce! Not friendly and welcoming! Then we might as well pack up and leave and give up the points!

Ask any former national team player across the board of the sporting codes on how they get treated when on duty for the country in some of these countries! Especially West African countries! Etse? You think it’s a joke?

Now why can’t we instill the same type of intimidation and fear in our foreign opponents? Yes, there is a whole lot more to this then just music. However, remember I am an Entertainment journalist…hence I will stick to what I can influence. The arts at the stadium and thus, should start with the music.

Fellow entertainers in the form of Disk Jockeys, when you get that call from Abuti Barry…kindly prepare a lekker Namibian set! A bit of Female Donkey here, and a bit Mahai…mixed with Kuku Nkandanga is good enough to scare any foreign opponent back to their countries!

And don’t give me that nonsense of…”Abuti Barry Knows im a Hip Hop Dj, so he must expect hip hop” talk! Pure BS! If that’s so, why did you not turn down the offer to play at the event? You mos know your market is Hip Hop? Now who today in Namibia listens to Hip Hop during a National Sporting Event?

Just imagine, on a good sporting day out with your kids, church ouderling and your wife and the song comes on at the stadium…. “ Yeah, I never f*cked Wayne, I never f*cked Drake, On my life, man, f*ck’s sake…” Eto efai!
Nee tog! Be realistic! This is Namibia! Etse. NFA, please be strict on Disk Jockeys who do not honor OUR call of having Namibian music play listed at National Sporting Events!

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM

Song of the week: Humble Brothers: First Lady Monica Geingos
Flop of the week: Mujohn ft. LeRose: Not Easy( Dope beat and dope chorus but the raps are nauseating!)

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