New gospel group to drop an album of hope


Favoured Brothers is a newly established gospel band, consisting mainly of two brothers, Mwahambu Domingo, stage name Dommy, currently working as a lab technician in Eenhana and has been an RnB singer during childhood. His young brother, Augustinus Ngombe, stage name Mr Mind, sung with the University of Namibia (Unam) choir in 2011 and was part of the Voices of Namibia in 2012 for a project of the world choir games which took place in the United Stated of America (USA) under the leadership of Rayno Burger. He is also a science teacher by profession.

The brothers plan to release an album which promises to bring the message of hope and healing before the end of this year. The album titled Ku Eca Ka Cesi Nandando, meaning “forgiveness without a price”, was produced by Araffath Muhure and consists of nine tracks.

The band is currently managed by Sir Paulus Chilela, known to be humble and committed to any initiative that concerns the development of music in Namibia. The duo has been working on the album since last year and completed it this September.

“We have a bigger plan and are very faithful that our dream will come true. This is our first album and we targeted both the local and international market. Following the path paved by those who came before us in music, gospel in particular, we are highly inspired and believe that this is going to be our turning point in Namibia both as ( singers) and the listeners. Almost everybody in Namibia male or female, young or old is disappointed or heart broken and lost hope in leaders of churches, schools and several of government offices. We however see this differently because we hope in the living God” says Dommy.

“The album is reminding us to come back to our sense. It does not matter if you have failed to rescue your relationship, in school or in even in your business, track 6 on the album is urging us to hold on and never give up. No matter how strong the storm is, how high the mountain or how deep the ocean of our problems, it still does not change the fact that we are conquerors,” Mr Mind adds.

The duo believe that even though they are still not popular, they plan to change that by helping uplift the gospel industry. “We still have a lot to do to catch up with the pace of the international market. Well, there are few who have made it and even though not much has been done in and outside the country. In other words gospel artists are more reserved, known only in certain towns, sometimes known by church members only. We have a plan in mind to have work with well established artists both locally and internationally to push gospel music to another level. Namibia does not have to continue the way it is now in terms of gospel. We still have a long journey to go, we want to see in future gospel artists being sponsored by corporate companies or the very artists doing charity works in communities and taking the forefront in confronting social evils,” says Mr Mind.

The duo has so far worked with some of the renowned gospel artists like Vuuyo, Jacob Mushongo,Linda, previously from Voice of God and plan to work with the Namibian classical gospel group, Vocal Motion Six (VM6).
The album will be launched on December 19 in Rundu. There will be limited stock of the CD, only 1000 copies.

Therefore fans are advised to make their orders in advance by communicating with Sir Paul Chilela (081492 2222), Mr Mind  (081615 2861) and
Dommy (081672 0627).



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