Swapo members told to go all out and vote



Swapo secretary general Nangolo Mbumba has called on all Swapo members to ensure they cast their votes on November 27.

Speaking at an election rally at Aussenkehr on Sunday, Mbumba urged members to get ready for the upcoming regional council and local authority elections and to ensure they are early and ready to vote for the ruling party and its candidates.

“We are here to prepare ourselves. As Swapo members we should always be ready at all times,” the governing party’s chief administrator said.

He called on members to refrain from disunity and infighting, saying all members should pull in the same direction to ensure a positive result.

Mbumba said the fact that no other party fielded candidates in 26 of the contested constituencies countrywide is evidence that no other party is able to deliver better than Swapo.

“That’s why we can’t allow other parties to come here. First, they don’t have members.
“They don’t have a history and they have never achieved anything,” he told the gathering.
Swapo candidates for the upcoming elections were presented at the rally and Mbumba challenged members to keep a close eye on the candidates, as they are supposed to be servants of the people and thus should do more to bring development to their areas.

“We’re not going say you have done enough. We will demand that you do more,” Mbumba said to current Karasburg Constituency Councillor and Swapo candidate for Karasburg West Constituency, Paulus Efraim.
Swapo regional coordinator for //Karas, Matheus Mumbala, at the same event assured Mbumba that he can expect good results from the region.

Mumbala said the Swapo regional team has been hard at work to put measures in place to ensure that good results are achieved and thus he has no worries a few weeks before the polling date.

Mumbala said he is confident the party would do well, before urging members to refrain from activities that might hinder their ability to go and vote for their party: “Even those that take wine, please limit so you can come fresh and cast your vote first.”

Aussenkehr is situated along the banks of the Orange River and is part of Karasburg West Constituency.


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