Incompetence of contractors delays education projects



The acting secretary general of the DTA, Elma Dienda last week urged DTA supporters to vote for regional candidates of the UDF in the upcoming elections. She said DTA supporters should vote for UDF in places where the official opposition did not field candidates.

“UDF and DTA have an alliance, so if we did not field a candidate – vote for the UDF. Don’t go vote for other candidates,” Dienda pleaded with party supporters, who met with her at Ma/Oa multi-purpose centre at the northwestern town.

Dienda said DTA members must look carefully at the ballot box and support the UDF, as they would in turn reciprocate the gesture and vote for the DTA’s regional candidates in places where UDF did not contest.
At the same event the DTA candidates for the upcoming local authority elections were introduced amidst loud cheers and ululations. The candidates included pre-primary teachers and some unemployed youths. The DTA candidates for Khorixas Town Council are Imorlensia Kurtz, Chris Ouseb, Josef Kadi Uwu-Khaeb, Elizabeth Kurtz, Genesia Kambanda and Given Guibeb.

Dienda was at pains to explain the poor performance of the DTA in the Khorixas area during last year’s national assembly elections and asked party members: “What does it (poor election performance) mean?”
Dienda said the DTA is the second strongest party in the country, but at Khorixas, it got only 113 votes during last year’s national assembly and presidential elections.

“In Khorixas and Swakopmund we are very weak. Something is wrong,” Dienda said. The acting secretary general further cautioned candidates in the local authority elections not to sit idly at home. “You must go out and campaign. Even if you are number one on the list and you don’t work, we will take you off,” Dienda warned.

She told her supporters that the party was dead at Khorixas. “I question myself as to why we even have candidates at Khorixas. I have a problem with Khorixas that I even told the president (McHenry Venaani) that we are wasting our time. So candidates, from now go out and campaign for the DTA,” she urged.

DTA candidates were further advised to be exemplary and not to be beggars, who ask people for money. Candidates were also told that those who happen to win seats in the municipal elections would be given training in Windhoek next year.

Dienda said healthcare and education were far better during the period when the DTA ruled, compared to the current government. “People talk bad things about the DTA, but education and healthcare were better then. Since Swapo’s takeover it is just Panados (painkillers) that are given at health facilities,” Dienda said to cries of “true, true” from the party faithful.

Andrew Kelly, the regional coordinator for DTA and regional candidate in the Outjo Constituency said he was troubled by the situation of pensioners in the !Goas location.

“The debts of the pensioners are too high and they cannot pay them off. Install prepaid meters in their houses. How can the people struggle for the past 25 years? ” Kelly asked.

He also urged DTA members to go out and organise themselves so that the party can win seats in the upcoming regional and local council elections.


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