Government spends N$6 million a month on child grants



The Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare spends more than N$6 million per month on child welfare grants, which are provided to vulnerable children on a to improve their social and economic welfare.

At the inauguration of the ministry’s new office in the Epembe Constituency in the Ohangwena Region Lucia Witbooi, Deputy Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, on Monday disclosed the amount government spends on child welfare grants.

The State currently pays N$250 to every children registered for this assistance.
Witbooi appealed to parents, guardians and caregivers not to abandon children. She said government – through the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare – does its part by providing orphans, vulnerable and disabled children with grants to help to meet the cost of their daily needs, so they can live dignified lives.

“Please let us take care of our children. Let us not leave children wandering without supervision. We should also not abuse children, whether physically by beating them or traumatising them emotionally,” she advised.

She said the newly inaugurated office must not be left idle, nor should it become a ‘white elephant’, but must be used as a vehicle to bring socio-economic development to the area.

She said children need to grow up in a loving and caring environment so that they do not fall into the cycle of abusing others as they grow up.

She further appealed to traditional leaders and members of the community to report cases of child abuse and child neglect to the police unit that deals with gender issues.

“We have social workers on the ground that can provide professional services to these children,” the deputy minister said. “Children themselves can also report these cases to their school counsellors, who are working closely with the social workers,” she explained.


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