Spooky Reading Night frighteningly successful



The Halloween night sleepover for 7-12 years children at the Goethe Centre last Friday night has been described by the organisers as a success.

The Goethe Centre last week held its annual Halloween children’s event, titled “The Spooky Reading Night”. The event, now in its fourth year, has been enjoying great popularity.

Over 60 children, aged 7 to 12, came to the Spooky Reading Night and had lots of fun. The night was filled with various activities, ranging from reading, theatre, poetry and dancing to only name a few.

The kids had a great time while listening to spooky stories from Ms Auala, crafting big black haunted houses with Kirsten Wechslberger, or learning Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance steps from choreographer Steven Biko Gaeb.
For such a spooky night, you will need a lot of energy, that is why there was a pizza for everyone! As a highlight of the evening, the kids participated in the spooky theatre play of ‘The Troup’ (Junelle Stroh, Blessing Mbonambi and Vanessa Caicedo-Cardona).

Overall, it was a really crazy night with a lots of hustle and bustle, happy children and little sleep. Though sleeping only for a few hours every child joined the final event on Saturday morning when they had the opportunity to dance their “Thriller” dance for their parents, as well as show them their self-crafted haunted houses.

Furthermore, the little ones could win great prizes. Then, “The Troup” had a second theatre performance to get the parents frightened, too. This gave them a glimpse of what the children had enjoyed the night before


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