Okankolo youth appeal to president


Your Excellency, President Dr Hage G. Geingob, we hereby write this letter to your high office for consideration.
Firstly, we would like to thank our government for its concerted efforts in taking development to rural areas, Okankolo village in the Oshikoto Region being one of them.

Mr President we would like to take this opportunity to thank the government for tarring our road from Onayena to Okankolo. It had been gravel up to now.

We would also like to recognise the efforts made by our government in upgrading our health centre with new buildings, nurses’ homes, as well as building a secondary school.

Furthermore we recognise the government’s decision in adding another constituency to Oshikoto Region, the Nehale Lya Mpingana constituency. All this is evidence of the efforts of our government in ensuring that its people receive the well-deserved services we need.

Mr President we are a group of young citizens of Okankolo Constituency in Oshikoto Region and would like to propose to your high office to recognise of Okankolo village as a settlement. As a growing constituency, below are some of the reasons why we think that our village deserves to be declared as a settlement:

Okankolo village is at the helm of the constituency, with a fast growing population over the years. The village is the heart of the constituency and the rest of it depends on the little development at Okankolo.
Not only does the village render service to the whole constituency, but it is the only place close to services, such as a health centre with maternity ward, mortuary, etc. as well as a secondary school.

Okankolo is far from other towns, thus it is a struggle for those in the constituency to reach basic services, such as banks, etc.

The unemployment rate has also escalated at the village over the years and if it were declared a settlement it would pull development to the area and investors to it, which would later employ the youth of the constituency.
Furthermore, Okankolo is the nearest places of respite for subsistence farmers.

We are also appealing to your good office to embark on initiatives to mitigate the effect of the water crisis on the constituency.

Finally, we as residents of Okankolo village are not happy with the fact that the constituency office has been constructed at Onyuulaye village. We view it as a conflict of interest involving the current councillor, Joseph Imbili, since he resides near Onyuulaye village – plus the office was located at Okankolo village before his tenure.
Mr President, those are some of the key reasons that we strongly feel substantiate our request that Okankolo be declared a settlement.

We strongly believe that for the village to be declared a settlement will not only help government in its efforts to decentralise its services to the people, but will also help in fighting poverty, as well as the unemployment rate.

Your Excellency the President, we would like to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to look at our request. We have no doubt that this is just the beginning of what our government is doing for its people and we are confident that our request will be favourably considered.
Okankolo Youth


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