GIZ team paints Môreson Special School



In support of kids at Môreson Special School, a highly motivated and diversely skilled team of about 100 people from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) offered their physical and financial assistance in support of urgently needed social projects.

Môreson Special School is one of three schools in Khomasdal catering for children with special needs. The school aims to equip about 130 children between the ages of 6 and 18 with mainly practical skills through the Pre-Basic Vocational Training model.

This year GIZ was supported by other German projects in Namibia, such as KfW and BGR. They gathered at 08h00 in the morning for a short welcoming and introduction by Principal Anita Kreft and GIZ country director Daniel Bagwitz.

At the end of the day two buildings had been painted with a beautiful skyline. On one of the panted walls somebody had written: “GIZ was here”. Playground equipment was fixed and shone in bright colours and the kids were not keen on getting off the tyre swing at all.

As it was also World Arbour Day 30 fruit trees were planted. As soon as they bear fruit the children will be trained in harvesting, processing and selling the fruit. For the goats and chicken to come, a brand new fence was erected around the pen and as a special treat for the hens, two egg laying boxes were built.

One of the main indicators of success on the day was that the kids personally benefitted from so many amicable people being at their school. Three of the Brave Gladiators challenged the Môreson kids to a match, and as in real life, experienced victory and defeat.

The kids could also showcase their creativity by printing hearts and stars on carrier bags and creating small leather purses. The kids also learned basic horticulture and small livestock farming techniques and will thus be capacitated to achieve independence and self-sustenance after school.

The catering team watched over everybody and fed the crew and kids with fresh fruit and biscuits throughout the day. They had hotdogs ready for lunch and a braai at the end of the day, not to forget the hundreds of litres of water they carried around to keep the team cool and energetic.

The unexpected visitor on the day was a small, but aggressive snake that was hiding behind an old pole. Brave Rayvin caught it and released it in a safe place.

The special children of Môreson School gave the GIZ team a wonderful experience that made them forget any bruises and aching backs they may have suffered. Hopefully the special touch of the kids will remind them to do it again next year for others in need.

The sponsors on the day include Pennypinchers, Hemco, Agra, Nakara, Nampower, African Marketing, NFA and many others, who gave discounts on purchases.


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