Boxing officials face disciplinary action after unsanctioned bout



The drawn-out saga of an unfortunate incident that has potentially brought the sport of boxing into disrepute is nearing completion, according to Namibian boxing supremo, Kelly Nghixulifwa.

In the middle of the ring are two long-serving senior boxing officials, one an executive member-cum-ring supervisor, and in the other corner a well-respected boxing referee.

The pair stands accused of having brought boxing into disrepute following their involvement in an unsanctioned out of the ring exchange of heavy blows that almost overshadowed the main bout on the night.

Nghxulifwa informed New Era Sports that the two gentleman, Ellison Hijarunguru and Hermann Garus-oab, have been officially charged with misconduct and will appear before a disciplinary hearing on a yet to be announced date.

Upon learning about the unfortunate incident that led to the fracas, the Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board acted swiftly and appointed an Independent Commission of Inquiry to launch a thorough investigation into what really triggered the unsanctioned bare-fists bout outside the ring, following a boxing bonanza in August.

The commission was placed under the stewardship of respected commissioner Ndeuli Hamutumwa and also obtained information from credible witness.

“Upon completion of the investigation, reports were submitted and we are satisfied with the findings, which convinced us the accused have a case to answer.

“We have appointed legal gurus Jeff ‘Skunk’ Tjitemisa and Katherine Naruses, to head the DC [disciplinary committee],” said the agitated boxing boss.


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