Windsurfers push boundaries at speed challenge



A combination of fast channel, strong winds and riders’ excellent skills, cousined with courage, produced high-level performances with world and national records tumbling at the Lüderitz Speed Challenge.

In 40-50 knots of wind, these extreme athletes have sailed in truly extreme conditions and managed to once again engrave their names and the event in the history of speed sailing, thus pushing the seemingly impossible limits even further.

Antoine Albeau (France) set up a new world record in windsurfing with 53.27 knots/98.65 kph over 500m (average speed) – tumbling his previous record of 52.05 knots set at the same event in 2012.

Karin Jaggi (Switzerland) achieved a new female world record in windsurfing with 46.31 knots/85.76 kph over 500m (average speed) (previous world record was 45.83 knots set by Zara Davis (GB) also at the same competition in 2012).

Another British record was set by record holder Farrel O’Shea (GB) with 51.20 knots/94.82 kph over 500m (average speed) (Farrell’s previous national record was 49.28 knots achieved during week four).

Boris Vujasinovic who didn’t stop improving his Croatian record, ended up with an excellent 48.99 knots/90.72 kph over 500m (average speed) (was 47.37 knots – also during week four).

Patrik Diethelm (Italy) who propelled to 2nd place in the world rankings, once again beat his own Italian record with 52.33 knots/96.91 kph over 500m (average speed) (was 51.77 knots).

Week four also saw Antoine Patrik (22 x world champion), become the only the second windsurfer ever to surpass the previously ‘impossible’ 52 knots!

After the magical and highly challenging day of November 2, riders have been concentrating on the set-up of their gear and have trained every time when it appeared possible to get ready for the strong conditions forecast.



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