Extension of CEO’s contract comes under fire



The extension of the contract of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Khorixas, Nicodemus #Gaeseb, has displeased some politicians and community members of the town who blame him for lack of development.

#Gaeseb became the CEO of the Khorixas Town Council in 2006 and will serve until 2021, after his term was extended for a third time on October 1.

“I did not support his term extension and I did not even attend the (ordinary council) meeting so that no quorum could be formed. I did not want to be blamed for extending his term as he does not perform,” the deputy mayor of Khorixas Andreas !Aibeb said last week.

Chairperson of the management committee Erwin /Howoseb said that #Gaeseb’s term was extended as he has brought development to Khorixas.

“He (#Gaeseb) is working and delivering. We (councillors) see that there is change happening at Khorixas,” /Howoseb said.

!Aibeb also said that his absence at the ordinary meeting where #Gaeseb’s term was extended was not due to him being sick and unable to attend. He simply stayed away not to support the extension of the CEO’s term, he emphasised.

But /Howoseb said !Aibeb did not attend the ordinary council meeting as he was sick.
Another councillor who spoke on condition of anonymity said that giving support to #Gaeseb was a “betrayal” of Khorixas residents since no development has ever taken place at the town.

“We don’t have a shopping mall or other needed services at Khorixas and then they support the same man who does nothing; until when must Khorixas residents suffer?” lamented the outspoken councillor.
Community activist Story #Nauseb blasted both the UDF and Swapo councillors for extending the CEO’s term of office.

“That is unacceptable. If he had brought development then it is understandable but this gentleman does not finish projects and then they (councillors) renew his term,” a frustrated #Nauseb said.

#Nauseb, who led an anti-corruption demonstration in 2012 against #Gaeseb and some town council officials, said that #Gaeseb breaks the town down, he has become too powerful and his decisions are final.

“Khorixas is going through its worst stage. The town’s residents must not allow this therefore we must demonstrate,” said #Nauseb, who vowed he would camp outside the town council building until the CEO resigns.

#Nauseb, a Swapo member, called upon the party’s leadership to question why Swapo councillors renewed #Gaeseb’s term and asked those who will represent the party after this month elections to come back and report back to the electorate.

#Nauseb called upon Swapo to terminate the CEO’s new term of office should they win at Khorixas even if it will be an expensive battle.

The community activist also called for an investigation into the manner in which the non-performing CEO was reappointed.

Sources said that a day before the ordinary council meeting – where #Gaeseb’s term was extended – was to be held the agenda was taken back by Adolf /Huiseb on the orders of the CEO, after the renewal of his contract did not feature on the original agenda.

/Huiseb confirmed he took the agenda for amendment on the orders of #Gaeseb.
The issue of #Gaeseb has become a hot potato in both the UDF and Swapo Party locally and two Swapo members Gideon Gurirab and Segfried /Gowaseb nearly brawled over the matter at the municipal offices last month.

When contacted for a comment, #Gaeseb asked this reporter. “What do you want from me? Please leave me alone and don’t talk to me as long as you are alive.”

/Howoseb (UDF) chaired the meeting in which the CEO’s extension was approved, as Khorixas mayor Tryphosa Moloto (UDF) was out of town on official business.
Elfie Essau (Swapo) and Angela Sabatha (UDF) were also present at the meeting.


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