Strengthening animal health in Oshana Region


The agriculture ministry’s developmental spending for Oshana Region amounts to N$148 million, a bulk of which would be invested in construction of veterinary clinics, improving animal health and setting up a central veterinary laboratory in Ondangwa.

The budget allocation to animal health, for the 2015/16 financial year, is a boost for the beef industry and communal farmers, who for the past months have found themselves under siege of a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak.

The budget is also aimed at developing the beef value chain in Oshana Region with the agriculture ministry setting aside N$30.4 million for this programme, which would also cover the entire northern central areas.
Other spending is towards rural sanitation development, developing agricultural technology centres and in horticultural development.

Another large investment in development in Oshana Region is the investment by the Ministry of Rural and Urban Development, which has set aside N$142 million for the region. The money would be spent on the third phase of erecting service infrastructure in Eheke, Uukwangula and Ongwediva. There is also provision for basic sanitation for rural areas in the region, the implementation of the master plan for Oshakati town and provisions for the construction of service infrastructure for Ondangwa and Oshakati. The towns of Oshakati, Ondangwa and Ongwediva are also to have a combined waster water treatment plant.

Road and rail infrastructure have also received a boost with the transport ministry allocating N$63.7 million for the northern railway line extension. Roads that have been budgeted for in this year’s budget include the upgrading to bitumen standard of the road between Oshakati and Ongenga.

A 35.5km gravel road would be constructed to connect the villages of Ompundja and Uukwiuushona. The 110km road between Omuthiya and Ongwediva has been earmarked for upgrading and renovation at a cost of N$15 million.
Money has also been set aside for construction of air traffic control towers, the upgrading of meteorological service facilities and maintenance of other roads in the region.

The land ministry has set aside N$3.94 million for the flexible land tenure system, while the sports ministry has set aside money to renovate the Oshakati Sport Stadium. The Hifikepunye Pohamba Campus is also to be renovated at a cost of N$15 million. The justice ministry has set aside N$5 million to upgrade the lower courts in the region, while the industrialisation ministry is looking at setting up garment factories. For rural electrification the energy ministry has set aside nearly N$5 million.

A new remand correctional facility is to be constructed at Ondangwa by the Namibia Correctional Services, with a budget of N$40 million for this year. The Oluno Correctional Facility is also to be upgraded.

The environment ministry has budgeted N$12.54 million for upgrading tourist roads, fencing off conservation areas and providing water for game.

The budget makes provision for huge investments in the health sector by the health ministry, with major renovations for Oshakati hospitals, and construction of a new hospital at Ondangwa. The total budget allocation of N$89 million for health infrastructure in the region includes construction and upgrading of primary health clinics and care centres, and for the renovation of staff offices in the region.

The defence ministry has allocated N$21.1 million for the construction of Oluno Military Base, while the police set aside N$25.44 million for upgrading police stations, upgrading the Danger Ashipala Training Centre, setting up regional headquarters and accommodation for police officers.

The Ministry of Education has set aside more than N$30 million for construction of Onguta Primary School, Oshakati South Primary School, Ongwediva Combined School at Evululuko, renovation of Andimba Toivo ya Toivo Secondary School and construction of a community learning centre at Uukwangula.



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