Shooting from the hip: Acid test for Athletics Namibia


While the wanderlust athletics officials are still basking in the sun following their all-paid trip to Congo-Brazzaville for the recently concluded 11th edition of the quadrennial All Africa Multi-Sports Games, the athletes – the real McCoy’s of their togetherness – are licking their wounds.

Yours truly has learnt about the sickening revelations that one of the country’s finest Paralympic athletes and gold medalist, Johanna Benson, is battling malaria contracted while on national duty with the Namibian entourage to the central African country.

It has emerged that the poor athletes were left to fend for themselves with regard to medical care, a very important and crucial component at any international event – let alone at an august gathering.

Now the fundamental question that needs to be addressed is, firstly, what was the large contingent of athletics officials doing in Congo if they could not attend to the athletes’ plight.

Secondly, why did they dispatch a team of vulnerable athletes to a foreign country which is plagued with the deadly disease (malaria), without making the necessary arrangements to avoid compromising the athletes’ health? I’m just asking.

A quick reminder: all sports codes leaving the country for international participation should be obliged to submit match reports immediately upon their return, period!

Strike while the iron is hot

Those who were in attendance when legendary South African footballer Ephraim Matsilele Sono, aka Jomo, or better still Bra J, appeared on the live broadcast of the popular Masters of Success programme last week, should take a leaf out of Bra J’s experience.

Yours truly had the privilege to watch the brother bamboozle robust defenders at will with his uncanny dribbling skills and amazing speed, while he also knew the short route to the opposition goals.

The streetwise Bra J touched on many subjects, inlcuding how football officials are hell bent on using the beautiful game as a path to make a quick buck and how agents have taken over football by negatively influencing people within the sport.

One touching aspect Bra J brought up was the thorny subject of how modern and past footballers would lose focus once they hit it big.

The former Orlando Pirates (SA) and New York Cosmos fast as lightning lethal goal poacher urged footballers to refrain from purchasing fancy expensive vehicles, appealing to them to invest their hard earned money wisely, notably in property.

Bra J made reference to former Brave Warriors and Liverpool tricky midfielder Congo Hindjou, showering praises on the Namibian for his business acumen.

Local footballers would be best advised to take a leaf out of rugby players’ books. These blokes might not earn in the same bracket as footballers, but they have mastered a way of preparing for life after sports.

Rugby players would form groups and invest their combined earnings from the game into assets such as property and other valuable tangible investments.

Footballers should refrain from having good times when they receive huge bonuses from their respective clubs. Save the moolah, invest wisely in tangible assets or purchase vehicles that can serve as taxis to generate more money. I rest my case.

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