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My Republik, a brand under the Leap Holdings umbrella is Namibia’s first commercial clothing brand that is not only retailed in a branded outlet but also designed, developed, cut, trimmed and stitched in Namibia.
My Republik was founded with the goal of offering the modern man and woman the best fitting clothes for any occasion, be it in the office or a day out in town. It aims to produce the best quality clothing that is in a class ready to compete on platforms in Namibia, in Africa and beyond.

The clothes can be summarised as ‘Effortless Style’. They are not trendy or high fashion believing that in creating versatile pieces Citizens can dress up or down. When the brand’s Citizens wear My Republik – they define the look. The clothes are designed by their in-house designer which allows them to create unique styles suited to their Citizens. Their designs are then paired with feel fantastic fabrics before moving on to production. Through this process they guarantee their Citizens a unique garment that can be found nowhere else.

My Repubik garments are not the only unique thing but at their brick and mortar store they provide a service that no other local retailers do: in-store styling. Their Style Guides don’t believe in simply assisting their Citizens in finding the right size, they aim to assist their Citizens in finding their own unique style through personalised styling in a comfortable setting. In addition to the store at the Grove Mall, they are soon going to launch their E-Commerce with delivery platform which will cater to citizens outside Windhoek.

The My Republik experience
At My Republik they don’t believe in regular, they believe in changing the game. They do this through their unique products and service.

Premium clothing, great advice and zero work. Their personal styling service is the perfect solution for the busy individual on the go. At My Republik, they provide an efficient, world-class shopping experience with our in-store Style Guides who assist our citizens in crafting an effortlessly stylish wardrobe.
Their Story

“The path to creating My Republik was paved with many laughs and fun, late nights, early mornings, frustrations and hysteria. We faced many challenges and at times only a glimmer of hope kept us going,” says Ally Angula, Managing Director (of Leap Holdings).

Leap Holdings founders Ally Angula, a former Chartered Accountant, and Manna Matswetu, embarked upon this mission, when the idea was born that the only way to create sustainable jobs and social development within Namibia was through stimulating economic development through manufacturing.

The journey began in 2010, however they only opened their first store on 24 October 2014. While the My Republik brand may be relatively new to the market, it has a bright future and although they are young, they have already experienced some very exciting moments already with more to come in future.
2010 – The idea of the My Republik brand is born

September 2014 – The production of garments begins at the Leap House in Windhoek
23 October 2014 – The My Republik store opens at The Grove Mall of Namibia
June 2015 – The My Republik store hits N$ 1 million in sales
June 2015 – The My Republik Brand is officially launched
July 2015 – Equipment arrives for the Witvlei production facility
November – Early November will see all production taking place from the Witvlei Factory.
With those notions, that Namibia can be their manufacturing base to create jobs and they can also retail in their own shops, on home soil – their team ploughed ahead and today has decided to be part of crafting the future of this country.

The Team
All garments are designed by Twapewa Amutenya, the head designer. All garments are currently designed at the Leap House in Windhoek West and all production has moved to the garment manufacturing factory in Witvlei, which will become operational early November. The Managing Director is Ally Angula. Brands and Marketing manager is Victoria Ashipala. The sales are lead by Yvonne Tjongarero, logistics and procurement is handled by Iita Angula.
Information about the brand

All customers are referred to as citizens of My Republik.
The citizens are open-minded professionals, they have opinions and they are not afraid of voicing them. They are also people who are passionate about the future of Namibian and believe in bettering the world. The clothing sold by My Republik is not trendy or high fashion but can be summarised as Effortless Style. When someone wears My Republik, they define the look. They have basics they can dress up or down.

The shop is located at shop number 528 at the Grove Mall of Namibia in Kleine Kuppe.061247246
Facebook: My Republik | Twitter: My_Republik | Instagram: MyRepublikClothing


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