Pub 7, your weekend rendezvous



Have you been craving for a real bash of a lifetime, especially that crazy weekend? If, then look no further than the new and fresh watering hole in the heart of Katutura, Pub 7. It may not be your classic bar or pub but surely this is thé rendezvous where the middle-age hearted can meet and indulge their fancies. Having opened its doors to the public a month and half ago, the pub has been luring many a thirsty throats, more so given the scorching heats of late with different cosmopolitans flocking there, it thus quickly becoming both a de facto and de jure upmarket joint for patrons week in and week out.

Situated in Epandulo Street in Ombili, Pub 7 it is thé place where live Djs, dancing competitions and musical performances is the order of things, particularly on weekends. And with temperatures lately wayward, the swimming pool is a haven.

The corrugated iron structure aside, Pub 7 boasts with a huge parking space, affording patrons a peace of mind while walloping mega litres of their favourite poison of whatever without bothering by would-be expropriators. To top it up, cars can safely be barricaded inside depending on any patron’s choice and the much in demand space permitting. But space has never been a problem given the spaciousness of the joint.

The idea of the joint occurred owner, Sam David, to give patrons in the surrounding something of a home feeling. What started as close knit family affair has enveloped into an empire, albeit still a homey one. “This means business. Now every weekend we receive many customers from every corner of Windhoek coming to enjoy their drinks here,” enthuses David.

The asking for the offerings is quite reasonable depending on the season. David informs that they are planning to host their first ever Miss Pub 7 earlier next month, for the Pub’s Ambassador. A photo shoot for some of the finalists for Miss Elombe is to be hosted in the village of Elombe next month. “That shows the business is not only for those who drinks, but for those who enjoy different entertainment activities,” David excites proudly adding that in a few years he hopes to increase and better the services.

Armas Andreas, a regular, says he prefers the place because it’s a bit secluded and quite cool for one to refresh with a cold one after a very busy day.



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