Makurunganga launch second album



House music artists, Dj Glob and Dj Zille, popularly known as Makurunganga, are launching their second album titled Katondo, on the last night of the Kavango Trade Fair tomorrow at the Kavango Trade Centre in Rundu.

The Dogg, PDK, TKB, NyembaBoss are performing at the launch. Katondo means a walking stick or supporting stick, symptomising the maturity of the artists and the album. “This is to show that we have been in the industry for so long and we have matured musically. This is a classic piece of art, maturely crafted to cater for young and elders,” says Dj Glob. Hit songs on the album are Thindeke (Push), a unique house track about perseverance and hard work.

The second song on the album, Thiwiko featuring Gazza and Araffat, a classic house, promises to induce anyone into a dancing frenzy.

“Our previous album (Waya waya) earned us four nominations in last year’s Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs). It was more of house dominated album, featuring few other artists. Our sound was more common and familiar with local sounds. The album carried 18 tracks and only two songs (Waya waya and Papatere) dominated,” says Dj Glob adding that the new album is about maturity. “We are more matured and our new album is dominated by our own sounds which we call Ngarangi sounds (Our culture). On this album, we were free to experiment and bring unique sound in music industry. This album has its own spot on the market,” adds Dj Glob.

The album is an upper cast featuring big names like Gazza, Arrafat, Neslow, Dj Siya,Skinny Fella,Thommy, Don dow and many more. It has been produced by Arrafat, Elvo,Thommy, ChesterB and Dj Chahelman. Tickets for the CD launch show are going for N$120 including an album. Gates opens at six O’clock in the evening (18H00).


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