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Mara, you know there was noooooo way you were going to escape Abuti NSK’s wrath, right? Ousi Roux-Che, I am very disappointed at what transpired last week at the Boyz II Men media briefing. For the end consumer, who has no idea what I am uttering about…Ousi Roux-Che and her team at Ohlthaver & List scheduled a media briefing for the Boyz II Men concert. The briefing was said to have the age old entertainers present. The brief was scheduled for 10am at the NBL headquarters.

After waiting in a blazing hot tent (because someone forgot to organise a fan mos neh) for almost an hour, to the disappointment of the media, Ousi Roux-Che informed us that the band members of Boyz II Men will not honour the briefing. Her reasoning was that the boyz suffered from jet-leg and a difference in time zone. Cool. No problem.

Then she went on and said that they have a presidential invite for the boyz to honour scheduled for 12pm. So, you are telling me…that the boyz could not meet the media at 10am but they could meet the president at 12pm? Ousi Roux-Che, these are professional entertainers. They ought to know after 20 years of being in the entertainment business that the media plays a make it or break it role.

I fail to understand how model professionals of their caliber would sit back and say “ah naaah cuz, im too stoked right now for the paparazzi, but it’ll be pretty dope to meet your president” #InTheirAmericanAccentMos…lol. If that was really the case, you and your team accompanied by your promoter should’ve Atleast salvaged a half attempt to ease the disappointment of the media.

You telling me, not even one member of the band could come and apologise on behalf of the rest of the members? That would’ve Atleast shown some sort of respect and humility. It was pretty bad of you and your team, to make a group of professionals wait for almost an hour just to be told the briefing is off.

As media personnel, we have a national audience. Do you understand what that means Ousi Roux-Che? That means, that hour…we could’ve covered 2 to 4 different stories.

Just for the end consumers FYI, Ousi Roux-Che and her team did apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused the media.

However, that does not make it right. Thus it needed to be pointed out. Corporate, promoters and other stakeholders must understand that they need the media. No really, you need the media. There is not even two ways about it. How do you want to get your message to the end user if you do not utilise the media? Let’s respect the media. One last thing Ousi Roux-Che…Boyz II Men called us South Africans TWICE during the concert and for that WE demand a formal apology!

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM

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