Defending the new education circular


I have observed lots of negativity surrounding the new circular on motivation speaking in schools, which was recently issued by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, under the leadership of honourable Katrina Hanse- Himarwa.

The new education circular stipulates a direction to be followed by schools when they are inviting dignified individuals as motivational speakers. However, instead of appreciating the ministry for a step taken to enhance the education system, some members of the public went on the rampage and denounced the move as ridiculous and ill-thought.

From my understanding, the circular did not prohibit schools from inviting motivational speakers; schools can still continue doing that, but follow the guideline as the circular outlined that a communication should be made to the office of the director of education as notification for such an exercise. In education, we exercise transparency and accountability, so it’s not wrong for the directors to know what’s happening in schools under their jurisdiction and authority. I would like to single out one source of confusion and misleading, Ndumba Kamwanyah, in his column edition of Friday, 30th November 2015 in The Namibian, where he lashed out at the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, and accused it of lacking focus and priorities.

Instead of expressing his opinions on the exorbitant tuitions fees which the University of Namibia is charging students, henceforth contributing to poverty, Kamwanyah decided to support the propagandist and arrogant workmate Job Shipululo Amupanda.

The issuing of this circular has nothing to do with Amupanda`s unsuccessful attempt to talk to learners at Nehale LyaMpingana school. In my view, I would support Lameck Kafidi, the director of education for Oshikoto Region for protecting learners from being turned into weapons that Amupanda can use to continue fighting the government through his Affirmative Repositioning crusadic movement.

Martin-Olembe Antindi


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