Veii’s appointment to NSC causes some rumblings



There will be no red carpet reception when retired director of sports in the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service

Dr Vetumbuavi Veii makes a retreat to the presiding sports body, the National Sports Commission (NSC).
In a surprising turn of events, the portfolio minister Jerry Ekandjo appointed Veii as chairperson of the NSC Board of Commissioners with immediate effect. Veii succeeds Vivienne Katjiuongua.

Sources with intimate knowledge of the inner doings at the commission revealed to New Era Sport that Veii’s appointment does not go down exactly well with some of the NSC commissioners.

It’s said the aggrieved board members were not entirely satisfied with the fashion in which the minister appointed Veii. It has emerged that some of the commissioners were ostensibly harbouring ambitions of their own to land the plum job.

Deputy chairperson Amos Shiyuka has been the acting chairperson in the wake of Katjiuongua’s sudden departure. Katjiuongua left for the United Kingdom (UK) to pursue her academic aspirations – leaving the position of NSC chairperson vacant. While murmurs of discontent among some of the board members continue unabated, a clearly fed-up Shiyuka tendered his resignation just a few days before the NSC hosted its annual sports awards function last weekend.

The acting chief administrator of the NSC Harald Fulle confirmed Shiyuka’s resignation and also revealed that former African Stars strongly built midfielder Doc Naobeb has been re-appointed as commissioner.



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