Cheeze, DJ of first choice!



The delightful and bubbly, household favourite Fresh FM DJ,  and one of the best DJs in the country, Azeal Matsoarelle, better known as DJ Cheeze,  says it takes more than just an occupation to become a preferred DJ.

Cheeze is known for hosting the Fresh FM breakfast show, Massive Attack, a show many got hooked to because of its sparkle. Cheeze who has been with the station since it first aired in 2007, has not only been dedicating the past eight years of his life to the station but has remained loyal to it, defended it and been upholding  its name and culture. “I watched this radio grow with 50 to 80 listeners but now we are more than that. [Fresh has become my lifestyle]. The station has it’s up and down but you look past negativity. I’ve learned a lot and it took me to places I never imagine I would be,” he says.

Cheeze, who is also the Programme Director, is also responsible for the quality of what goes on air. He describes radio as the ‘theatre of the mind’. “What makes radio interesting is the fact that every day is different…it’s not an everyday routine.” When not in studio, he is a very private person, who prefers to spend his time with family. “I love being at home and spend time with my daughter.” Bothering him most when it comes to presenting is when some DJs try to be someone they are not by trying to sound different then who they really are. “People can hear when you not yourself, when you lying and when you sad. When you go on air just be you. Some personalities are not in for the passion but for the beauty. Then you get good presenters with dull personalities. Be natural and people will love you.”

Cheeze’s ultimate goal is to co-own Fresh FM, or his own media house. He says one of the challenges he faces is the everyday rules and regulations controlling the industry. “To limit arts is the last thing you can do.” Cheeze is just one of those DJs where once you switch on your radio, you wouldn’t want anyone to bother you because of the way he keeps the show going. If you want to know what I mean, tune onto Fresh from 06h00 to 10h00, as Cheeze and his co-host, Treza Cooper, take you through the newspaper headlines, good music and give you the platform voice out on any issue bothering you in the country.

CAPTION: Fresh FM DJ of the breakfast show, Massive Attack fame, who is arguably she show’s DJ of first choice.

Picture:Fresh cheeze




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