Swapo primaries: Three mayors bite the dust in Erongo



The Swapo primaries for the Erongo Region delivered quite some shocking results, with the mayors of Walvis Bay, Arandis and Usakos among the casualties.

Asser Kapere, chairman of the National Council, is also among the constituency councillors voted out after he failed to retain his candidacy as councillor for Arandis constituency.

Many veteran cadres and long-serving councillors did not make the cut for the upcoming regional and local election scheduled for next month.

Perhaps the other highlight is that more women were voted in as candidates, compared to what the status quo has been for the past five years.

Mayors Uilika Nambahu of Walvis Bay, Daniel Muhuura (Arandis) and Gustav
//Garobasen !Hoaeb of Usakos did not make the cut, according to results announced by the Swapo regional coordinator for Erongo, Philipus Heita, in Swakopmund on Friday.

Most surprising is that only two of the current councillors for the Walvis Bay council, chairperson of the management committee, Wilfried Immanuel, and former school principal Hedwig Mandean, made it onto the list of candidates.

Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) member Tobias Nambala is one of the surprise candidates that made it onto the list for Walvis Bay. He is tipped to become the town’s next mayor.

Almost all regional councillors retained their positions with only Mike Tjirare of Omaruru constituency, Kapere (Arandis constituency) and Usiel Xoagub of Karibib constituency losing their positions.

Tjirare is being replaced by Johannes Hamutenya, Kapere by Benitha Imbamba and Xoagub by Melania Ndjago.
Swakopmund constituency councillor Juuso Kambueshe, Hafeni Ndemula of Walvis Bay Urban, John Nangolo of Walvis Bay Rural and Ernst Katjiku of Daures remained as candidates after their positions were not contested.

The newly elected Swapo candidates for the Swakopmund Town Council are Erriki Shitana, Paulina Nashilundo, Kleopas Jason Ngwena, Maria Elago, Assertha Marsh, Andreas Jonas, Ipupa Kasheeta, Piet Carstens and Penny Shileka.

For Walvis Bay the candidates are Tobias Nambala, Hilka Erastus, Simson Nghilumbua, Lilo Niilenge, Paulus Kauhondamwa, Saara Shailemo, Immanuel Wilfred, Penelope Martin, Matheus Ndeshikeya and Hedwig Mandean.

The Swapo candidates for Henties Bay are Herman Hosabe Honeb, Renier Gomachab, Christa Kahambundu, Teofilus Januali, Wilhelmina Mapanka and Olivia Nambala.

Onesmus Mangundu, Irya Iipinge, Risto Kapenda, Tuhafeni Jairus, Simon Iiyambo Magdalena Goliate and Erriki Kapiye are the Swapo candidates for Arandis.

The Karibib candidates are Petrus Nabot, Amanda Hamases, Robert Hamalwa, Monalise Karimbue, Adelheid Swartbooi and Petrus Ntoni.

The Omaruru candidates are Hendrina Tuli Maano Gebhardt, Titus Amashili, Julia Kahuure, Rudolf Hongoze, Martha Doeses, Oiva Uushona and Mathias Kaluhoni.

At Usakos the candidates are Laurie Elias, Aksel Mwafangeyo, Maria #Gauises, Tuhafeni Haufiku, Claudia Nashikaku, John Ramakhutla and Irene Kurtz.


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