Gambling machines are a cancer


Government needs to study the contribution of gambling machines to gender-based violence. When people lose their hard earned money, they often resort to violence. They become very depressed and even get angry when asked a simple question.
Theft also happens as a result of gambling, as when people lose their money they go and steal. In addition, marriages are being destroyed due to gambling. Gamblers spend less money on food and more on gambling and alcohol.
Some people can spend as much as N$10 000 a month on gambling alone, which is a substantial amount.
Minister of Environments and Tourism Pohamba Shifeta was quoted in the media as saying that the gambling industry is a major contributor to government revenue-generation. However, similar to the alcohol industry, it is thriving at the expense of Namibians, who fall victim to gambling addiction.
The Khomas Regional Police have warned owners of illegal gambling machines and unlicensed shebeens that the clock is ticking – arrests and the confiscation of property are imminent.
The former Khomas Regional Police Commander Commissioner Festus Shilongo once said gambling machines are a big concern to the police, adding that owners of illegal machines are fuelling crime. I agree, as mentioned earlier, gambling leads to crime.
The police should confiscate illegal gambling machines. Gambling machines are not a good business and government should look into this. Gambling is a bad cancer.

Leonard K.


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