NMC staff rescue destitute mother



A destitute mother who wanted to give away her four-month-old baby to the police has received a donation for the baby and herself.
Out of desperation Hilma Kristofa had wanted to surrender her baby at the Okuryangava mobile police station a fortnight ago, because she could not afford to pay for the baby’s upkeep.
However, a community activist stopped Kristofa in her tracks when she went to the mobile police station.
New Era published a story earlier about Kristofa who said the father of the child had stopped supporting them financially and she wanted to give her baby away because she cannot afford to look after the baby without the support of the father. Kristofa’s baby boy has a cleft lip and palate, medically described as a facial and oral malformation that occurs very early in pregnancy while the baby is developing inside its mother.
She said because of the baby’s condition she has to squeeze formula milk to the back of the baby’s throat with a specially designed artificial nipple. She cannot breastfeed or give the infant any food, as he does not have a palate (roof of the mouth).
A group of women from Methealth Administrators’ Clients Service Department (NMC) reacted to her story and donated items for her and for the baby valued at over N$2 000.
The donated items include disposable and washable nappies, baby toiletries, clothing for the baby and mother and formula milk, among others.
Kristofa also received a donation from an anonymous person from Otjiwarongo who dropped off a box containing disposable nappies and two cans of formula milk at New Era’s offices. Kristofa said the child has also been registered for a birth certificate and will start receiving a disability grant next year.
“I am very happy for the assistance I got for my baby and myself. Thank you very much,” Kristofa added.


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