‘Struggle kids’ demand war veteran status



A group of struggle kids are camping in front of the Grootfontein headquarters of Swapo until their demands for jobs and that they be accorded ‘war veteran status’ are met.
The group put up tents in front of the Swapo offices about two weeks ago.
The group is believed to be non-residents of Grootfontein, while some are thought to have have travelled from the youth training camp run by the government at Berg Aukas, in the vicinity of the town.
They moved with all their belongings and children and are not showing signs of moving any time soon.
One member of the group, who preferred that his name not be revealed, said they have already sent countless letters demanding to be granted war veteran status and special employment opportunities, but they have not yet received any response – “and we will stay there until we get an answer”.
“We don’t have parents so we ask for the same benefits that veterans are enjoying, or at least good employment opportunities; we are fed up,” said one.
A source close to the regional council said: “They want employment and special veteran treatment and they threatened to stay there until their pleas are heard.”
When contacted for comment Grootfontein Constituency Councillor Nelao Amagulu would neither deny nor confirm the group’s presence. However, she said she had heard rumours but was attending a workshop out of town.


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