Sex is not for you, teens told


Ukwangali leader Hompa Eugene Kudumo has urged children in Kavango West to focus on their studies and not on sex and alcohol, which could result in unwanted pregnancies and disease. Hompa Kudumo was speaking at the
celebration of the Day of the Namibian Child at Kahenge on Monday. He urged children to enjoy childhood and not to rush to do things that grown-ups do, such as sex and related activities. “Sex is not for you teenagers. The main aim is to create life, but not for pleasure. Leave that to the elders,” the traditional leader advised.

“Some factors that lead to teenage pregnancy include peer pressure and alcohol and the other factor is your negative
behaviour. It’s due to the misunderstanding of independence, democracy and human rights,” Hompa Kudumo said.
He criticised children who do not respect their parents, saying: “You are doing whatever you want and when your parents ask where you are going at night you say it’s your right to do or go wherever you please,” he said.

“You children are using drugs at your various schools, but your aim at that school is to study. If you study and graduate you will be independent, with a job and a salary, then you can do what you want.”

“The country is free, some teenagers are saying I can get pregnant, because my granny is getting a pension and she will buy nappies and take care of my child. That pension is not for feeding your children, it’s meant for the pensioner to help him or her with little things. You should study and add to the pension grant they are getting,” Kudumo said.
The chief then wished learners luck in their upcoming examinations. “I want you all to study hard and pass your exams with flying colours. Compete amongst yourselves, form study groups and concentrate. Study, eat well, help out at home and just balance your routine and don’t make time for sex. We will never succeed if our aim is to produce children at that age.”


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