Popya with Suzan Nwanbueze Opute-Somosu


As a teenager she has  always been active, hence her childhood nickname, Olonikoko, she earns from her family meaning an elusive rat because she would never be at one place for long and everyday she would always strive to know new things curiosity having been her second name.

All the way from Lagos Nigeria, Suzan Nwanbueze Opute-Somosu is a graduate of Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Lagos and has been living in Namibia for the past 12 years, a country she now calls home. Her business portfolio ranges from properties, beauty saloons, fashion boutiques and a record label in multiple countries such as Nigeria, South Africa and Namibia. She worked in the United King before she came to Namibia, and besides being a graduate, she still found it difficult to get a job hence being compelled to venture into her own business.

“Believe it or not that business was selling food in the streets and against the advice of many who believed that I should not be selling food on the streets since am a lecturer’s wife, in the end with the profits from vendors I opened my first beautician saloon and with my shop I bought my first property and the rest is history,” she says.

Opute-Somosu is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Business Administration. Suzan is an Oracle certified database professional and a life coach. She is a philanthropist who through her Suzan Opute Foundation alone dedicated one million to poverty eradication and education as well as N$300 000 to women in entertainment with aspiring projects that needs assistance. She has already started touring schools doing motivational talks and has started donating food, clothes and educational materials to schools and children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Opute-Somosu, also affectionately known as Don Sussy in music circles realised the gap for a comprehensive music label that carries the artists’ interest at heart. A journey which has made her become the first female record label owner in the whole of Africa. Her love for music, especially Namibian music, has made her dedicate her resources in empowering Namibian artists, especially the female contingent.

She has been quoted in many interviews saying “that Nigeria is her country but Namibia is her home”. Living by the ideology of John F. Kennedy by encouraging Namibians that “it’s not what your country can do for you but what it is you can do for your country”, the passion for every business she enters drives her to be the best challenging her male counterparts while creating her own legacy.

The Sustones record label currently has two artists signed with it, this is because Opute-Somosu believes that to achieve excellence in any business, you have to invest and be determined to succeed to achieve maximum results and satisfaction.

In her spare time she likes to work out and spends about two hours a day in the gym. She is passionate about kids, reading and cooking. She is a family orientated women and adamant in separating her very private personal life from the business of entertainment. “The desire to succeed, the struggle towards financial freedom and that endless responsibility towards my family is what makes me wake up every day of my life and work as hard as my body can allow,” says she.

Opute-Somosu, along with the other Women in Entertainment (WIE), are currently undertaking a 14-region tour across the country visiting schools, informal settlements as well as child welfare centres for the, ‘My Education, My Wealth, My Family campaign’which is set to end mid-October. Her message to the youth is “hard work and dedication will always prevail, there is a reason why everyone preach that same gospel cause it is a proven formula.”



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