Assault case against boxer Shihepo withdrawn



The case of assault against boxer Wilberforce ‘Black Mamba’ Shihepo’, 32, was withdrawn yesterday in the Windhoek Magistrates’ Court after the docket was not brought to court.

Though boxers are generally not allowed to fight outside the ring, Shihepo had faced a charge of assault with intent to do serious bodily harm for a fight that took place outside the ring. Shihepo was arrested on April 14, but details about who he allegedly bashed, and how, are sketchy. He was out on bail of N$1000.

A warrant of arrest was issued against Shihepo for failing to appear in court on August 20.

The 32-year-old Shihepo told the court that on the day in question he had suffered a tire puncture on his way to Windhoek and arrived at court late, but had a discussion with the prosecutor, who advised him to be at court for the next hearing.

The court accepted his explanation and the matter was remanded to September 23, because the docket was not at court. The docket was not again on court on Thursday and Magistrate Ingrid Unengu promptly withdrew the matter from the court roll.

Prosecutor Georgitte Losper represented the State.


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