Hage Geingob High School rewards top learners



Hardworking and successful Grade 12 pupils at Hage Geingob High School were rewarded for their efforts and scholarly achievements during the annual awards ceremony held at the school last Friday.

Top of the list were George Mutongolume, Malcolm Tsuseb, Rosa Shishake and Loide Matheus, who were awarded according to their achievements in various subjects.

Mutongolume, a dux learner, could not believe the accolade when announced. “I was not expecting it. I’m so happy. I worked hard and I thought I did well, but I didn’t think I did this well. This actually shows that I can do more. I’m now working towards winning the national and regional awards. I know it’s not easy but I will at least try to be among the best,” he says.

Mutongolume, who wants to study engineering after he completes his schooling, encouraged fellow learners not to give up and to give their best: “Life offers a lot of opportunities but just choose wisely. Encourage and motivate yourself and you will make it.”

Another learner, who scooped certificates, Tsuseb, says being awarded for his work is the motivation he needs to improve and put extra effort into his studies. “I’m glad hard work pays off. The trick is, when answering the question paper, always answer what is required, or what’s in the textbook and add your own knowledge to it and you’ll make it,” says Tsuseb.

Shishake says she deserves her awards, because she always put a lot of effort into her schoolwork. “I feel proud of myself. I’m going to make sure I do better. For those who did not receive anything, have faith and courage to be able to reach your goals, and study hard.”

Matheus agrees with her fellow learners: “It’s not difficult, but it just requires dedication and hard work because there is always a next time.”

One of only three parents who attended the ceremony, Silas Matheus, says he was excited and proud to see her daughter receiving various awards and urged fellow parents to start attending such ceremonies to support their children.

“My daughter was appreciative of my presence. I took time off from work just for this and it was worth it. Parents should start being involved in such activities for moral support, which plays a very important role in children’s lives,” Matheus says.

The school does not have sponsors or donors yet and teachers contributed prize money for the top learners from their own pockets, with the aim of motivating learners to perform better.

One of the teachers said even though the school previously experienced a few hiccups with no learners receiving any certificates due to financial constraints, the teachers themselves decided to contribute to make the event a success.
“Motivation needs to come from within and outside. Learners need to know that there’s someone looking out for them, who cares. Now that there’s social evil out there, they need that inspiration and that’s what we are giving,” he says.

Chairperson of the school board Johannes Kandjimi applauded the learners, as well as their teachers for contributing to the success of the recipients of the awards. Kandjimi said such awards are a source of great enthusiasm to learners. “Other learners will be motivated to work harder when they see others being awarded. This is an example of hard work and devotion,” he said.




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