Bay Watch Dam converted into recreational centre



Following its conversion into a recreational centre, Bay Watch Dam officially opened its doors to the public on Monday.

The N$2 million Ongwediva Recreational Centre will serve as a meeting place where both young and old can come together with friends to relax and even enjoy a barbeque.

In line with Ongwediva Town Council’s extensive development plan for the centre, phase one involved adding eight barbeque stands, eight resting tables with chairs, as well as ablution facilities.

In addition, the recreation centre also has a pedestrian bridge for use by the public during the rainy season, as well as a reserved parking area. The area is being developed by PESCA Trading Enterprises and supervised by One Stop Engineering Services.

“Although this is not necessarily what was in the plan, we hope the recreation centre will be attractive to both young and old,” remarked the CEO of Ongwediva Town Council Damian Egumbo.

Environmental Health Officer at Ongwediva Town Council Penda Kashihakumwa, however, warned the public to refrain from swimming in the dam: “The water is clean, but it is not clean enought to drink, hence members of the public are not allowed to swim in the dam.”

Kashihakumwa also assured farmers around Ongwediva that livestock would continue to drink from the dam as usual. “This is a public place, hence livestock are not prohibited from drinking now that the place has been turned into a recreational centre,” Kashihakumwa said.

Kashihakumwa further urged the public to take ownership of the facilities and to refrain from vandalising the place, noting that the municipality has already had to replace the ablution doors twice.

PESCA Trading Enterprises CC Director Steven Nangolo also urged the public to take ownership of the facilities and to refrain from vandalism. Northern Cleaning Services has been contracted to provide cleaning services at the site.


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