Car stolen from sleeping policeman



Members of the police in Omusati have hit a cul-de sac in their efforts to recover a private vehicle allegedly stolen on Sunday morning from a house at Iilambo village at Okahao.

Omusati regional police spokesperson Warrant Officer Lineekela Shikongo confirmed the vehicle was stolen in the early hours of Sunday morning while the owner was fast asleep. “The owner allegedly parked the car where he usually parks it. However, when he woke up the next morning the car was not there,” Shikongo said.

The white Toyota Hilux (registration number N11896W), with blue stripes on the sides and the word ‘rider’ inscribed on the back, is suspected to have been pushed out of the yard to a nearby gravel road, from where the culprits apparently took off with the car.

“It is suspected they pushed the car to a gravel road nearby the house where they perhaps managed to start the vehicle and drove away,” Shikongo further naratted.

The vehicle belongs to a warrant officer at Okahao Police Station. No suspects have been arrested so far and the police are appealing to the public to help trace the car.

Information regarding the whereabouts of the vehicle can be forwarded to Sergeant Moses at 0812941216 or to Warrant Officer Andowa at 0812623618.


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