Black Vulcanite, Desmond and Savannah Afros to market through Musica



Black Vulcanite, Desmond aka Little D and Savannah Afros are onwards to market their music releases through Musica stores in Namibia and South Africa courtesy of a deal facilitated by Duchess Distinctive.

Duchess Distinctive has been working with a well-known South African distribution company to create an opportunity for the artists, including KK, to be able to feature their products in Musica stores in Namibia and Southe Africa in the near future. The deal is a great milestone towards growing the local Namibian music market and will allow these musicians access to larger target markets, greater brand exposure and will see theme receiving royalties every six months. One of the artist’s management and communication house’s values is to empower local Namibian talent, and aid them in creating a distinctive brand by encouraging them to be distinctive about how they go about promoting, growing and shaping their art and music careers.
. Musica-Namibia-BV Musica-Namibia-KK


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