One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s  Nest reruns at the end of August




One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the last of two classic international plays to be staged this year as part of the annual contemporary theatre festival by Committed Artists of Namibia (CAN), will be staged at the end of August in the Ultimate Theatre.

The play by American playwright Dale Wasserman is directed by Namibian award-winning dramaturg, Frederick B. Philander, who also portrays the role of a Columbian Indian Chief and has also adapted the play from a five-hour stage work to a ninety minute drama for the benefit of Namibian audiences.   The play, dealing with male mental patients in an asylum, boasts the talents of a number of newcomers to the CAN acting fraternity such as David Campbell in the lead role of Randle McMurphy, Brumelda English tripling up as nurse Flynn, doctor Spivey and Candy, Adriano Visagie doubling up as hospital orderly Williams and patient Martini, Enthony Titus as patient Harding, Wayne Beukes as patient Cheswick and Peter Peter in the role of orderly Warren. Veteran CAN-actress, Lynne Jacobs portrays the lead role of Nurse Ratched.

CAN, the longest surviving community theatre group established in 1979, in May staged the first American play, Agnes of God as part of this year’s festival to great media acclaim and audience standing ovations in the Ultimate Theatre in the hall of Eldorado School in Khomasdal. The theatre company urges and encourages any local charity organisations interested to contact it in purchasing reduced price tickets for their members to see this once in a life time stage performance for local audiences.

The sponsors of the CAN-festival are: The First National Bank Foundation, Khomasdal Motor Spares , Ricoh Namibia and Khomasdal Service Station. The play will be performed on Thursday 27, Friday 28 and Saturday 29 August. Tickets at N$100 per person can still be bought from the actors.


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