ECN officials ready in Kavango West



The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has deployed 245 registration officials in different constituencies in Kavango West to undertake the supplementary registration of voters.

The supplementary registration is for the regional and local authority elections slated for later this year.
The registration period starts today and runs till August 22.

“We trained 245 registration officials. The training started on Monday 27 July and ended on 2nd August. Today we start with the deployment of staff to register eligible voters,” said the regional registration coordinator for Kavango West, Benjamin Makayi.

“We don’t have transport problems as ECN was granted permission to acquire private vehicles for official use. The transport has been arranged and our people are ready to be in the field and do the job,” he said.

Makayi urged eligible voters to register for the regional and local authority elections, which will possibly take place in November.

“People who have just turned 18 should register to obtain voter cards, as well as those who have lost their voter cards under different circumstances; or who moved to new constituencies and regions.

“They should make use of this opportunity to acquire a new voter card which will enable them to partake in the elections,” Makayi said.

Kavango West is subdivided into the electoral constituencies of Kapako, Mpungu, Musese, Ncuncuni, Mankumpi, Ncamagoro and Nkurenkuru.


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