Kehemu endures bumpy roads



Residents of Kehemu location in Rundu are unhappy about the bumpy roads they drive on and they want the roads at least to be gravelled.

Driving in Kehemu has become a nightmare for motorists who say one needs an all-terrain vehicle to drive through the settlement.

Smaller vehicles get stuck and people have to help each other push, much to the chagrin of passing motorists whose paths are blocked.

Kehemu was formalised in 2008 but it still does not have proper roads and residents feel the authorities are neglecting them. “Taxis drop us off far from our gates as drivers fear their taxis will get stuck in the sand and holes and we have to walk with whatever we carry,” lamented one resident who identified himself as Festus Kangumbe.

“We pay for roads through taxes and vehicle registration fees but yet we have poor roads,” said vehicle owner John Victorinus.

Kehemu is not the only location that suffers bad roads in Rundu Urban because other areas such as Sauyemwa, Kaisosi, Donkerhoek and Kasote face a similar plight.

The CEO of Rundu Town Council, Romanus Haironga, said the town council has no plans to attend to the roads this year though council is aware of their bad state.

“It is not only in Kehemu and this year we want to open roads in the recently formalised Kasote location as they have no roads at the moment. We also want to expand the main road in town to a double lane,” said Haironga.


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