Eenhana hairdressers banking on Expo



Hairdressers and barbers in Eenhana are hopeful that this year’s expo will bring in good business.

The men and women, who operate from Together Hair Salon and Barber Shop – just opposite the open market – explained that clients are generally hard to come by. They remain optimistic, however, that this year’s expo will boost their income.

Apart from the slow trickle of clients the hairdressers and barbers at Together, as their workplace is generally known, narrated that the locale in which they are based is not ideal for attracting visitors and exhibitors attending the expo.“Perhaps the colleagues closer to the expo venue get their customers doubled during this time, because those of us who are farther away are lagging behind,” said barber, Fillemon Haufiku.

Haufiku says at times they do get two or three additional customers per day during that time of the year, but he says this is no major boost to their monthly income.

Haufiku feels though that, with the massive economic growth at the town, perhaps this year the expo will attract more exhibitors and visitors and in turn it may help them get more clients.

“The town has really grown. Perhaps this year we will have more people coming to the expo, who will in the end also visit our businesses. In past years we were just stuck with our old customers.”

The hairdressers and barbers are now appealing to visitors at the expo to make a turn at their place at Together Hair Salon, for what they termed the world’s finest hairstyles.


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