Boer Goat ram steals the show at Nam Big Ram



Boer Goats reached an average price of N$14 468 while the highest price of N$40 000 was paid by BU Rhodes for a Boer Goat ram at last Thursday’s annual Nam Big Ram combined auction of breeders, Piet Coetzee, Justus Tjirimuje, Oliver and Connie Kayser and Vaino Nghipondoka.

Sheep fetched an average price of N$5 812 with the highest price of N$15 500 paid by Louis De Scande for a Damara ram while Willie van Zyl paid N$15 000 for a Van Rooy ram. The highest price paid for a Persian ram was N$6 500 with a Kalahari red ram fetching the same price. The highest price for a Boer Goat ram was N$14 500.


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