SPYL leaders not expelled for life – Mbumba



The ruling party Swapo has not ruled out the return of the four expelled members of its youth league, saying once they admit their mistakes and give reasons why they want to come back – their expulsion could be revisited.

Secretary General Nangolo Mbumba said this yesterday as New Era sought clarity on several issues relating to the pending expulsion of SPYL secretary Dr Elijah Ngurare, as well as the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) trio of George Kambala, Job Amupanda and Dimbulukeni Nauyoma.

New Era specifically wanted to know whether the quartet was expelled from the party for life or whether they will be eligible to return in future.

“There is no such thing as an expulsion for life. You are expelled until such a time that you think you should come back to your party and give reasons why you want to come back.”

“People go and when they accept or realise that they did not carry themselves honourably or according to the party’s rules, they can always decide whether to come back or not,” said Mbumba.

The four were served with expulsion letters by Mbumba over the weekend on the instructions of the politburo.

Although Mbumba told the media that the politburo only recommended to the central committee that the four be suspended, letters sent from Mbumba’s office later confirmed their immediate expulsion.

Kambala, Amupanda and Nauyoma’s land activism, which includes threats to mobilise countrywide mass land occupations, is said to have mothered their eventual expulsion from Swapo.

Ngurare is said to have paid the price for sympathising with AR and its agenda on land redistribution.

AR is scheduled to lead thousands of landless Namibians on July 31 in a mass forced land occupation drive across the country.

However, Swapo has been accused of expelling the four without following the correct disciplinary measures.

Mbumba on Friday said the decision to expel the youth leaders “was not easy and it was painful”.

But he maintained: “As painful as it was, if they do not want to abide by the rules of the party, it is better they stay outside.”

Political analyst Dr Hoze Riruako yesterday said Swapo acted hastily in getting rid of the youth league members.

Instead, the party could have taken the more mature political route of solving issues through dialogue.

Riruako warned that “young party members can end up as unguided missiles if ill-treated”.

“For one to have a vibrant party you need strong youth, therefore, the youth league must sort out its issues and make it clear as to who is in charge,” he said.

Riruako added: “What transpired over the weekend should not be taken lightly because there might be repercussions such as a mass exodus of people following those that are leaving.”


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