Facebook posts reveal killer boyfriend’s mind



A series of Facebook posts dating back to May are the only hints available into another intimate relationship murder in which Windhoek resident Mansueta Nadjala Mubonde, 25, was shot dead on Wednesday night allegedly by her boyfriend.

The boyfriend, 36-year-old Tobias Andima, turned the gun on himself after his cowardly act and died in the Katutura State Hospital upon arrival.

Without going into details, Andima posted the following on May 19: “I seriously never experience this before in my life. Can someone help out.”

When asked by one of his Facebook friends what the problem was, Andima responded “woman problems”, before replying to another question by saying “she don’t (sic) have respect for me anymore.”

On June 6 at 07h00, Andima posted: “Why woman only want to grab what a man have but they are never willing to give their support to men. They come take and run to other men without them thinking that I work harder to get it. Oh no, please ladies.” It is not clear whether the posts were indirectly meant for Mubonde, who sources say was in an argumentative relationship with Andima – with allegations of cheating the dominant source of those arguments.

Wednesday’s killing took place outside their house in Okuryangava, according to the police. After he allegedly shot and killed her, he then turned the gun on himself. He shot himself in the head, police say. The couple together had a 3-year-old child, according to friends.Deputy Police Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi, yesterday said that Mubonde died on the spot.

The incident happened in Partick Mungunda Street at around 19h30. Police investigations continue including the verification of the shotgun to determine whether it was licensed or not. Towards end of June, the nation was again left reeling in shock after a man brutally murdered his wife, Justina Shigwedha, a 55 year-old teacher at the Onalulago Combined School in the Oshikoto Region. Shigwedha was allegedly killed before her vehicle was set on fire. Her body was burnt beyond recognition.


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