“Comedy in the House” pioneer is back


Weezil is back – the stand-up comedienne who opened the Comedy in the House series at the Hilton Kalabar in August 2014, is back tonight.

Three weeks had passed after giving birth to a beautiful baby-girl and there she was, back on the stage at the National Theatre of Namibia as part of the Afro-Larious Comedy Festival. With a stint around the myths and truths of – yes giving birth, she opened for South African comedian Joey Rasdien. Weezil’s unrelenting wit keeps her on her heels at all times. She appears to have an internal fountain from which ideas come flowing non-stop. In real life, Helois Gorases is an actress and media professional. She scooped the award for best supporting actress 2014. During her first appearance Weezil had audiences crying with laughter, when she depicted a scene of a Chinese, a Damara, an Omuherero, and various other nationalities stuck in a lift somewhere between the 9th and the 10th floors. This time around  bent on teaching folks how to braze the African winter – and defrost laughing . . .

Following the amiable performance by Jana Marie Backhaus as the naïve blonde German Africa tourist at the previous Comedy in the House, another German comedian, Steven Nice, gathered courage to make an appearance. He is from quite a different breed though, one we consider ‘home made’ – that of the Namibian Germans. Steve claims that being the only nice Namibian German has resulted in identity crises and left him forsaken by Namibians from within and outside his clan.

Finally, Lloyd will be making his second appearance. The teacher and ‘pimp-your- Audi-100’ expert specialises on communication – or rather the anomalies thereof – amongst various Namibian tribes. He also takes an apprehensive look at the sudden and rapid changes taking place in all spheres of the Namibian society recently.


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