Car accident destines  an ex-NDF to music




New kid on the block and one of the tuneful singers, Munango Alfeus Kanna (28), aka Nyemba Boss, a former Namibia Defence Force (NDF) member, who survived a serious car accident that kept him house bound for about a year, has now turned to music.

He is set for musical comeback promising to take the music industry by storm.Born and raised in the Katutura Nkarapamwe in Rundu, the multitalented Nyemba Boss dreams were all shattered after a horrific accident when his brand new car overturned and damaged beyond repair leaving him with several injuries in December 2013. That time he was member of the Namibia Defence Force (NDF).  Although Nyemba Boss was since the accident in a critical condition for a whole year, he never showed any intent of stopping or giving up on life. Instead he started pursing something different that he always was passionate about. A talented singer, he chose to do music as a solo artist.

Nyemba Boss’s passion for music started way back at a tender age when he use to dance for Tura Family, a dancing group based in Rundu, dancing at schools and at talent shows in the town for fun. End last year he started taking music seriously after being encouraged by his musical manager, John Munyamba. Soon he became the talk of the town after performing at various places in Rundu. Almost everyone in town started to recognise his talent.  “Music is my culture, deep in my blood, I like music, and it has been my dream becoming an artist although I have to take it seriously after the accident. I am currently proud to be a musician,” says Nyemba Boss. So far he has released four songs namely, Kalinaso, Kulimonekesa,  Chukumuna and Wo-mapantsula.

His untitled debut album is expected in August. Next month he will be shooting his first music video of his House Music song titled Chukumune, a song which he says tells people to dance to their culture.

He thanked his Producer  known as Tomy and artists of Skinny Fella, Tkb, Kpee and Doctor for helping him by featuring on his songs. His first performance was at Nkure-Nkuru at Tkbs Basement Base where he performed with Skinny Fella last year. Nyemba Boss advises upcoming Namibian artists to do their best and work close together.


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