Baby dumping concerns Walvis Bay mayor


Walvis Bay – The Mayor of Walvis Bay, Uilika Nambahu, is worried about the social evil that is baby dumping that continues to rear its ugly head at the coastal town.

During  the monthly council meeting held last week on Tuesday she expressed her disappointment at the spate of baby dumping that continues to make headlines at the town.

Addressing fellow councillors and residents, Nambahu  pointed out that she on numerous occasions has called on all women who require assistance during pregnancy to seek urgent professional help in an effort to save the lives of innocent children and at the same time avoid experiencing life-long trauma associated with baby-dumping.

“It is not a secret that teenagers and unplanned pregnancies pose various challenges to both the expectant mother, the unborn child and the entire family. However there exists no acceptable reason why a woman should conceal having given birth or resort to illegal acts of abortion,” stated the mayor.

She added that despite social hardships, abortion remains illegal in the country and all  persons making themselves guilty of such criminal acts should desist from it immediately or they could face the risk of being sent to jail.

“I am not only concerned about baby dumping but I am also worried about the accessibility to products illegally availed to women to terminate pregnancies.  Therefore, I am condemning whoever is assisting them in supplying such products. I would like to urge our law enforcement agents including the Namibian police to implement effective and efficient operational strategies so that those who are making themselves guilty of such practices be brought to book without delay.  As people we must understand and share in the respect for human life, moral living and ethics as determined  by our national laws, legislation and societal norms,” said the mayor.

by Eveline de Klerk


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