Governor slams //Kharas businesses



The //Kharas Regional Governor Lucia Basson has taken a swipe at the business community in //Kharas for not adequately fulfilling their social obligations.

Speaking at the opening of the second Karasburg Trade Fair and Festival last Friday she expressed dissatisfaction with some businesses for not giving back to communities they operate in.

The trade fair started last Thursday and concluded on Saturday. It was well attended compared to the previous year with exhibitors coming from Karasburg, Ariamsvlei and Grunau.

She said it is unacceptable that big companies do business in communities but do not contribute to their social well-being.

“They cannot do business in our region and not support our SMEs, but I will deal with them,” she said

Basson indicated that it is the responsibility of every business to contribute positively to the community from which they operate and thus it should be each business’s social responsibility to make a difference in the community.

The governor at the same platform encouraged small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to grab with both hands the opportunity presented by the trade fair, while urging all visitors to take time and explore business opportunities in the town as well as the region at large.

Basson stressed the importance of the trade fair and festival saying such events do not only help to stimulate economic activities but also help the town council in its quest to alleviate poverty by creating a platform for exhibitors to showcase their products to customers.

She called on more people to start setting up their own businesses and work on their own instead of working for others.

“We want more entrepreneurs and to do away with the tendency of working for someone else,” she stated.

The three-day event that ended on Saturday was held under the theme “moving towards progress and sustainability”.

Different cultural groups and choirs entertained the guests at the opening ceremony.


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