Meatco’s procurement explained


WINDHOEK– Meatco releases off-the-hook prices every week, while on-the-hoof prices are just a guideline where the animal’s weight, grading and wellbeing are the determining factors.

The difference in these two terms is exactly what the words describe. When Meatco talks about on-the-hoof prices, it refers to the price that we pay per kilogramme for a live animal. These prices are paid when Meatco buys cattle from producers for our feedlots, the Meatco Owned Cattle (MOC) producers buy the animals, and the company buys animals for Meatco farms. The term on-the-hoof also refers to the live weight price.

Off-the-hook prices refer to the carcass price. This is the price producers receive when they deliver directly to Meatco abattoirs. Cattle delivered to Meatco are slaughtered and the producer receives off-the-hook or carcass price for the animal that hangs on the hook. The price is determined by Meatco and the producer is paid based on the animal’s hanging weight.



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