Porsche announces Panamera special edition


WINDHOEK – Porsche has announced a new model variant of the Porsche
Panamera, which comes with a host of optional extras as standard.
The Porsche Panamera is a uber luxurious sport sedan for the executive
wishing for an extra rear legroom and a driving experience of formula one.
The Edition, as Porsche is calling it, comes with a choice of rear-wheel
or all-wheel drive but the engine has already been selected – a 231 kW V6.
But while it has the smaller powerplant, a number of little exterior touches
borrow from the turbo model such as the wheel design.
However, it’s inside where all of the extras can be found. The seats and
dashboard have a two-tone half-leather trim, which extends to Porsche
emblems embossed in the seats’ head restraints, and the Porsche Communications
Management system gets a 7-inch touchscreen display and a
14-speaker Bose sound system.
Panamera has been a success for Porsche, ahead of other executive
sports sedan segment from Aston Martin Rapide to Maserati Quattroporte,
even though the car was initially expected to fail when launched in 2009.
Contrary to its look, many said it is ugly and not a Porsche look, the
Panamera managed to sell 24 864 Panamera special editions since first
launched in 2014.
The most notable of which are the executive comfort rear seats as standard
(which tend to be specified by those who like to sit in the back while
employing a chauffeur to do the driving), along with rear and side window
blinds for extra privacy and sun shading.
Other features which are coming as standard regardless of the car’s final
destination include active suspension, and front and rear park assist systems
including rear reversing camera.
The Panamera edition is available to order now with prices starting from
slightly above N$1 million mark


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