Black Africa props Bingo Football Club


RUNDU – North-East First Division (NEFD) giants, Bingo Football Club recently became chief beneficiaries of a donation worth N$20 000 from business magnate Ranga Haikali on behalf of his club, Black Africa.

Namibia Premiership League reigning champions Black Africa’s donation includes a full football kit, 30 golf shirts, 30 shorts, 5 balls, 30 bibs, a whistle, a pump and a con.
The delighted Rundu-based team collectively thanked Haikali, saying the sponsorship would uplift the team’s spirit going forward. “This came at the right time and it will boost our confidence on the pitch,” said Bingo’s captain Nzamene Sylvester.
“We are very grateful for the generous donation, these things don’t always happen. The gear will definitely inspire the boys because this is encouraging,” added coach Kamenye Valle.
On handing over the donation Haikali had this to say, “I was approached by the team’s management who asked to be assisted in any way and without any hesitation I decided to donate various equipment and soccer gear. I really hope my small contribution makes a difference in attaining our goal of developing football in all parts of the country and I basically did this on behalf of Black Africa.”
Bingo team manager Conrad Siwombe chronicled how they have been trying to get sponsorship but their efforts were all to no avail, as the local business people were not interested in their cries.
“We were seeking for assistance from the business community and we thought of a well known businessman Ranga Haikali, who is passionate about the development of football in our country, and so we wrote a letter through our public relations officer Sitentu Pauli Titus, and he didn’t hesitate to respond to us. He told us to get a quotation of what we needed and we quickly did as Haikali asked and he bought the stuff for us,” related a jovial Siwombe.


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