Bank Windhoek auctions off senior unsecured debt


WINDHOEK – Bank Windhoek last week announced the finalisation of another successful auction in South Africa of senior, unsecured debt instruments totalling R479 million.
The total amount of bids received was R1 billion.
Claire Hobbs, Chief Treasurer of Bank Windhoek said of the transaction: “This successful issuance once again demonstrates the interest shown by investors in Namibian banks, especially Bank Windhoek – which has no physical footprint outside Namibian borders. By exposing new investors to Namibian assets we hope to encourage additional capital inflows into our market. The longer term duration is beneficial to the bank as it provides stable funding as required under the various regulations the banks need to comply with. Bank Windhoek would like to thank Investec Bank and PSG Capital in South Africa for their assistance in making the auction a success.”


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