Kraatz contributes to creating skilled labour


WINDHOEK – Kraatz Marine, a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group of Companies, this year took 14 students from NIMT (Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology) under its wing.

According to O&L, this is in line with the group’s overall purpose of “Creating a future, enhancing life” while boosting growth at home, which also encompasses education and not just the support of Namibian businesses, products and services.

Roberto January, Senior Human Capital Practitioner at Kraatz Marine, advised that the company had been looking after students and teaching them the ropes for many years but has only been more actively engaged with NIMT for the past four years. “Some students stay with us for six months and others 12 months depending on their levels. If, for instance, six interns leave to complete another level, another six will be appointed to replace those who left so that we stay within our complement of between 14 to 16 students throughout the year,” said January.

He went on to explain that the students usually study boiler making, fitting and turning, as well as welding. When asked whether students remain at Kraatz after completion of their internship, he said: “In general, we have a good retention of students but we realise that exposure within multiple organisations and industries is a key part of professional growth. We also experience that former students return to Kraatz after they have obtained exposure at other organisations. Some students are currently permanently employed and occupy supervisory positions within Kraatz.”


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